United changes policy, crew can't displace seated passengers


United Airlines has tweaked it employee travel policy to ensure there is never a repeat of the nightmare scenario of Flight 3411 again. This is after videos of Dao being forcibly dragged out of the plane by airport and airline security staff were widely circulated on social media.

Dao was forcibly removed from a fully-booked United Express flight out of O'Hare International Airport on Sunday to make room for crew members.

Under a new policy, which is meant to avoid future public relations disasters like the one the world witnessed earlier this week, airline crews are required to check in at least an hour before a flight leaves, the airline company said.

That increased to 79 percent among those who indicated they had heard about the United incident recently, while it was about evenly split among those who hadn't.

'A commercial airline that removes validly seated customers without serious cause breaches the sacred trust between passengers and their airlines, ' the bill said. At some point, Dao went limp, and the officer dragged him off the plane. The three Chicago Police Department officers involved were suspended last week.

This comes as the chief executive officer of United Airlines, Oscar Munoz, publicly apologized to Dao, Dao's family and customers of the carrier in an interview on ABC News.

Dao's lawyer said in a news conference Thursday that the Kentucky physician and father of five will need reconstructive surgery to fix a broken nose and two knocked-out teeth. However, instead of prohibiting overbooking, Trump proposed that the ceiling on what incentives airlines can give passengers in return for their seats when flights are overbooked should be done away with.

The passenger ejected from the plane, David Dao, suffered a significant concussion, broken nose and lost two front teeth in the incident, and will need reconstructive surgery, according to his attorney, Thomas Demetrio, who has signaled that Dao will likely sue the airline.

In a statement issued immediately after Thursday's news conference, United insisted that Munoz and the airline called Dao numerous times to apologize.