Tesla drops price on Model S 75, adds new standard content

Tesla Model S 75 Now Just $69,500

That is made possible because all 60 kWh cars were built with range-limited 75 kWh battery packs, allowing the company to unlock the car's full potential, for a price.

Tesla Inc. (NASDAQ:TSLA) Model S was available with a 60 kWh battery pack, the cheapest version of the vehicle for the owners.

All versions of the Model S now come standard with a glass roof and power liftgate, according to Tesla's website.

Tweaks in pricing is quite normal for vehicle makers like Tesla. The 75kWh option now costs $69,500 after the $7,500 price cut and has become the cheapest Tesla on offer. The 75-kWh auto remains the only Model S to offer rear-wheel drive.

That means the cheapest Model S starts at $70,700 for the 75 and $75,700 for the 75D - within $1,500 of the just-discontinued Model S 60 and 60D. The highest-performance Model S P100D will cost $141,200 (up $5,500), while the Model X P100D will cost $146,200 (up $9,500). "Price increases for our 100D and P100D models will take effect on April 24, 2017 to best accommodate customers already in the order process, while price decreases for 75, 75D, and 90D models will take effect today", Tesla said in the statement. Tesla may giveth, but Tesla also taketh away - the Model S 75 can no longer be had with smart air suspension, but the remaining variants can still opt for it. Also, certain upgrades are now off-limits on some models.

These changes seem to represent a streamlining of Tesla's offerings before the release of the Model 3.

"Periodically we have adjusted pricing and available options to best reflect the value of our products and our customers' preferences", Tesla says.

So, what do you do if you just recently ordered a 60kWh Model S? Pricing is also expected to meet in the middle, with a fully loaded Model 3 going for around $70,000 according to Electrek, though the base price of the vehicle will be around $35,000. We expect our total average selling price to remain nearly exactly the same.

With its 335 miles rating, the Model S 100D sits 20 miles above the Model S P100D.