NYC considers requiring Uber, other services to provide tipping option in apps

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That is as much as $6,000 per driver. Once the Rajya Sabha clears it, the new law will be in place which will allow state governments to enforce the new rules on regulating cabs and other taxis.

In only 21 of those cases did the company conduct any follow-up driver investigation, the commission inquiry found. "The exploitation of ride-hail drivers must end and this is an important first step".

Justice Rajiv Sahai Endlaw passed a decree "permanently injuncting" the two unions and anyone associated with them from blocking Ola and Uber taxis. The group says it collected 11,000 signatures backing the proposal, including many from riders who would like to have the convenience of a tipping option.

According to the commission's own findings, the company received 2,047 zero-tolerance complaints statewide against its UberX and UberPool drivers during the year in question, and the company dismissed drivers in 574 of those cases.

Jim Conigliaro Jr., founder of the drivers guild, told The Huffington Post that surveys indicate in-app tipping is a "top issue" for drivers.

"New York City's professional drivers have traditionally depended on gratuities for a substantial portion of their income".

Those who are exclusively accepting payments in cash, would be able to continue accepting tips through the same channel as well and won't be required to offer a card-based tipping method. In the past, the company has claimed that the median income for an UberX salary in New York City is $90,700.

Uber's refusal to launch an in-app tip option led the guild to launch a campaign a year ago with auto stickers and social media posts to let passengers know that they can tip and that gratuity is not included in their fare.

In a statement, the ride-hailing app said it looked forward to reviewing the TLC's proposal.

"Uber is always striving to offer the best earning opportunity for drivers and we are constantly working to improve the driver experience", Alix Anfang, a spokeswoman for Uber, said in a statement to The New York Times.

A new New York City regulation could force Uber and other on-demand auto services to offer tipping for drivers in their app, a change that could make driving more lucrative in the city.

Uber does have an automatic tipping option for its Uber Taxi service in Chicago, but it's fairly hidden, and drivers in other cities and on other Uber services have up to now been more or less out of luck.

The Guild has pledged not to try to formally unionize unless drivers' legal classification changes.