Stand up & demand Trump's tax returns


Although, the constitution does not stipulate presidents to release their tax returns, a lot of them have done so voluntarily to prove their genuine and ethical conduct. "Transparency in general, accountability in general from government - public officials who are elected by us are employed by us and need to answer to us, the American people".

The demonstrations, organized by a loose coalition of labor and left-leaning groups with various economic agendas, are meant to focus on Trump's refusal to disclose his tax-paying history, something his predecessors in the White House have done for more than 40 years.

Trump broke with precedent during the campaign when he refused to release his tax returns, saying he could not release them because he was under audit - an excuse the Internal Revenue Service said wouldn't bar him from making his returns public.

Almost 10,000 people in Chicago indicated on Facebook they would attend demonstrations, CBS Chicago reports. Organizers hope the protests keep up the pressure on proposed changes to the tax system as well as on Trump to release his tax returns.

Liberals have helped organizing efforts for the march.

Schumer issued a similar warning to Trump during a conference call with reporters Tuesday, arguing Americans will be suspicious of his tax reform proposals until he releases the returns.

Whether he paid taxes to foreign governments: If Trump claims a foreign tax credit, that means he paid tax to a foreign government and that would be subtracted from his US income tax liability.

Organizers say marches are planned Saturday in about 150 cities, including Washington, D.C., where theirs will begin with a rally at the U.S. Capitol.

As countless Americans rush to file their taxes before the federal deadline next week, they're also not forgetting the returns they've yet to see from President Donald Trump.

The march, expected to be the second-largest public protest since President Trump took office, is taking place at Civic Center Park at 10 a.m., just three days away from this year's April 18 tax-filing deadline.

"I was annoyed and that's when I shot off that tweet, and would have thought nothing of it", Taub said.

President Donald Trump's motorcade took a circuitous route back to Mar-A-Lago after he spent Saturday morning at his golf course, avoiding Tax Day protesters headed toward his Palm Beach estate. He later said that voters don't care. Price said he's been getting the word out only to be told people are already aware the march is happening.

"Donald Trump absolutely needs to release his tax returns". Ron Wyden and the fierce Trump critic from California, Rep. Maxine Waters. Organizers say that speakers will include U.S. Representative Ted Lieu and L.A. County Supervisor Sheila Kuehl. "This is true of Democrats, it's true of independents - and it's also true of Republicans", said Global Strategy Group President Jefrey Pollock.