April, The Giraffe, In A New York Zoo Is Finally Giving Birth

April, The Giraffe, In A New York Zoo Is Finally Giving Birth

That is why millions are tuning in on April the giraffe's live stream from the Animal Adventure Park Zoo in NY.

Animal Adventure Park in NY announced Saturday morning that April was in active labor. Well, he didn't really bounce.

Fans of the live feed were devastated, thinking their chance to witness the live birth of a baby giraffe had been cut off.

The park was displeased with this decision, and took to Facebook Live to defend the educational objective of the stream. Meanwhile, other viewers expressed their excitement about the birth through social media with hilarious giraffe memes. The Facebook feeds captured it all. And then praise the heavens that you weren't born a giraffe.

Cory Smith jokingly tweeted: "Am I the only one that saw birth of the baby giraffe and started humming circle of life?"

Animal Adventure Park is keeping fans up to date on April's pregnancy.

What if YouTube removes the video again?

"The only real drastic changes we will see from here is active labor - not much more change/development can occur", said the park on it's Facebook page. Though the YouTube video is wonderful, keep in mind, this is not the best footage.

The second video in the above playlist features the birth archive, or the YouTube video when April gave birth.

"Everybody are you watching?!"

If you haven't kept up with the mamma drama, like human babies, giraffe babies come when they are ready albeit sooner or later than mom wants.

The giraffe's ability to be content and resilient in the face of a 24-hour news frenzy - even if she has no idea any of this is happening - should be a lesson to all who have seen even a brief moment of her pregnancy.

The baby is likely to check in about six feet tall and 150 pounds.

Dr. Buchanan, Professor of Biology, stated, "All zoological parks, whether public or private, have space limitations and procedures for protecting animals that clearly inhibit their freedom and natural behavior". The park is set to open on May 13, 2017.

According to the zoo, giraffes have evolved to hide their labor from predators and, as a result, it is hard to determine when a female is in labor until the calf's hoof becomes visible. At the time of the birth, 1.25 million people were watching the livestream. Otherwise, he could be a danger to April and her calf by either fighting her, attempting to mate with her or eating her food.

This is the zoo's first giraffe calf, but it is April's fourth calf.