No-fly zone: Trump not allowed to use personal helicopter

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Trump is expected to return to Mar-a-Lago this weekend for his seventh trip since the inauguration.

Palm Beach County Sheriff Ric Bradshaw said the president's visits cost over $60,000 per day, which adds up to nearly $2 million since January, according to AP.

To date, the president has already visited the club six times since he took office three months ago, including for his welcome to Chinese President Xi Jinping last week.

The federal government has reportedly said it would reimburse the county for Trump's security costs.

County Commissioner Dave Kerner has suggested turning Mar-a-Lago into a special taxing district and imposing a levy on the resort to pay the president's security costs.

Palm Beach County's attorney office is now looking into whether Kerner's proposal is legally feasible. "Whatever our priorities are, the taxpayers didn't pay this money to us to protect the president".

Trump purchased Mar-a-Lago - formerly the private residence of Marjorie Merriweather Post, the heiress to the Post Cereal fortune - in 1985 for $10 million.

In an interview with the New York Post, Trump was asked about infighting among top members of his administration in which Bannon is said to be a center figure.

Who's visiting the "Winter White House"? When he did make his first outing, he traveled just outside Washington to the course at Joint Base Andrews (which, back then, was still called Andrews Air Force Base).

Commissioners in Palm Beach County are so exhausted of spending money on President Donald Trump's frequent visits to his Mar-a-Lago resort, some are suggesting a special tax be levied against the property.

The cost of Trump's visits divides local residents, with the schism often falling along political lines. Similarly, while Trump has spent 21 days at a private getaway during the opening weeks of his term, Obama only spent 4, Bush only spent 12, and Clinton never went to a private getaway at all. White House officials have been very secretive about Trump's golf trips, not listing them on any of his public schedules.

In the past Mar-a-Lago staffers have said they do not keep a detailed visitor log, something critics argue might constitute a serious national security issue. It's unclear if the Mar-a-Lago staff or the Secret Service have started a more thorough guest log.