Gamasutra reacts to the Project Scorpio dev kit


Microsoft promises that the Scorpio will play 4K video and 4K video games.

Interestingly, the 8GB of memory - which is up from the 5GB found in the original Xbox One - allows the console to process art assets, making it easier to run 4K resolution visuals at higher speeds. Good news, as we're seeing a strong collection of 4K HDR Blu-rays released these days. Like I think.I log in with a controller, it kind of has power options and auto-update options that just feel a lot more like my cable box than it does my laptop. Digital Foundry also stated with the specs reveal the Project Scorpio will be supporting AMD FreeSync 2.

If you've read our previous Project Scorpio coverage, most of these specifications won't be a surprise to you.

Project Scorpio is slated to release Holiday 2017, and will be unveiled and Microsoft's E3 2017 showcase in June.

Considering the fact that both the Xbox One and Xbox One S dev kits both closely resembled their final respective designs, this could very well be what the final Project Scorpio looks like. It's a odd thing to investigate, especially given the system's capabilities: I mean a console outfitted with a Jaguar CPU and Polaris GPU shouldn't be able to hit native 4K 60FPS, but it's indeed possible and Turn10 has done it.

Microsoft has actually implemented the FreeSync 2 standard, meaning compatibility with HDR and full support across the range of potential frame-rates.

Microsoft To Announce XBox Project Scorpio Tomorrow - 04/05/2017 08:21 AMOn Thursday at 3 PM CET / 6 AM PT / 9 AM ET / 2 PM UK Microsoft will reveal their XBox "Project Scorpio".

Microsoft's Albert Penello sat down recently for an interview with Major Nelson (Larry Hryb), and among the things he talked about were games for Project Scorpio, SegmentNext reported. "And our software platform really has to service a developer's need to service an ongoing set of users.' As much as it has to serve, you know, how do I get a disc done?" Aside from the punchy hardware, the console is expected to take on PS4 Pro.

With these new consoles coming out, it's also likely that new games will end up working on those consoles.

But Spencer called time on the project after it became clear the console would not offer enough of an upgrade at an attractive price point.