Russia sends warship to Syria amid feud with US

Nov. 11 2015 by the Syrian official news agency SANA shows warplanes inside the Kweiras air base east of Aleppo Syria. A U.S. missile attack on Friday

Iran has strongly condemned a U.S. cruise missile attack on a Syrian army airbase near the west-central city of Homs, calling it "destructive and dangerous".

In this image released by the US Navy, the guided-missile destroyer USS Porter conducts strike operations while in the Mediterranean Sea, April 7, 2017.

The US military attacked the Syrian government's Shayrat Airfield near Homs with 59 tomahawk missiles on Thursday evening.

Media reports say that an American missile also hit the village of Al-Hamrat, which killed four civilians including a child.

A local man living near the airbase told BBC A local man living near al Shayrat told a BBC that the strikes were "massive" and he believed many civilians living near the airbase could have been killed.The strikes were so massive that destroyed the air base completely.

United States officials said Russia's military in Syria had been informed of the strike beforehand in order to avoid casualties that could prompt a broader crisis.

The U.S. strikes marked the first time during Syria's civil war that the U.S. directly.

The British-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said that seven Syrian officers were killed in the strikes, including a colonel.

It came in response to a suspected chemical attack on a rebel-held town on Tuesday widely blamed on the Damascus regime, which has repeatedly denied it has used toxic substances.

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