Woman Falls Off California's Tallest Bridge While Attempting to Take a Selfie

Placer County Sheriff's Office									SOURCE Placer County Sheriff's Office

Authorities said the woman fell approximately 60 feet.

A woman in California has paid the price for wanting to take the ultimate Instagram picture on California's tallest bridge. She landed on a trail about 60 feet below, according to The Sacramento Bee.

This Foresthill bridge, the highest in California, has become notorious as a daredevil's playground.

Foresthill Bridge is 630 feet tall, the tallest in California and fourth highest in the US, and it's become known as a kind of 'Daredevil's Playground.' Sheriff's deputies keep an eye on the bridge, watching for people who treat the gym like a playground, climbing around and underneath to take daring pictures.

She is expected to recover from her injuries, said Placer County Sheriff.

After the drop she had to be airlifted to a nearby hospital.

The woman was actually on a catwalk underneath the bridge. However, the sheriff's office warns that no one would likely survive the fall to the bottom of the American River Canyon. Authorities did not say if the woman would face charges.

The walkways below the bridge are closed to the public. "The deputies on the scene felt the fall would leave a lasting enough impression to prevent her and her friends from trespassing on the bridge again".

Any trespassers found on the bridge are fined, an office spokesman said.