So there's a gay Disney character - it's about bloody time

Beauty And The Beast's Dan Stevens reveals movie secret Dan Stevens plays the role of The Beast in the new Disney adaptation

Yes, there are two new songs and they fit seamlessly in a film that had a room full of cynical critics, including me, applauding at the end.

FDC's research regarding this new film and faith-driven consumers revealed that 95 percent of them are less likely to see Beauty and the Beast due to Disney's first "exclusively gay moment".

The film's opening on Friday has inspired all sorts of interesting reactions from fans - like the couple who got engaged at a Beauty and the Beast showing in Hollywood today. Unfortunately, the company's initial explanation - obviously meant to be playful, with references to the classic Disney film - made it sound even more like there was a commercial partnership at work.

But don't be surprised if after the credits roll and the fairy dusts lift that you still consider the animated movie to be the "real" version of this story. That lengthens the story by about 20 minutes, but this version flies by as fast as the original.

The movie tells about the fantastic journey of Belle, a smart, book-loving, lovely and independent young woman taken prisoner by a beast in his castle. "It's about the world Bill Condon has created in this film".

Thankfully most of the songs are free of such technological tampering, though there's definitely a whiff of it in Dan Stevens' brief sing-song as Beast (albeit masked somewhat by his digitally deepened voice).

As in the animated film, "Beauty" is really stolen by the Beast's servants, who have all been turned into household objects.

Gaston, the air-head bad guy played by Luke Evans, is a non-thinking narcissist, and his sidekick, LeFou, played by Josh Gad, is more silly than controversial. What we know, but Belle doesn't, is that the Beast was once a cruel prince, doomed to perish in his beastly form unless he can get someone to love him. One clip that's been making headlines for Mack isn't actually about the role of Chip in Beauty and the Beast.