New York avoids government shutdown with budget extension


Cuomo had a string of on-time budgets early in his tenure as governor and often said the late budgets of the past were a symptom of political dysfunction.

It's deadline time for NY state leaders trying to wrap up negotiations on a new state budget. In Genesee County, that would be nearly $10 million; and Gsell believes other state costs would make that an impossible deal to take. A "Raise the Age" public awareness campaign has demanded a change to the law in NY. In one of his last acts in office, Attorney General Eric Holder submitted a statement of interest supporting the lawsuit, the first ever U.S. Department of Justice show of support in a state court proceeding on public defense.

Cuomo cited concerns about the effects that the Donald Trump administration's proposed budget would have on New York's financial resources.

Mr. Cuomo sharply criticized the plan and questioned its constitutionality.

The Governor is threatening cuts to everything from hospitals to nursing homes, but neither the AHCA nor the Collins/Faso amendment would result in such funds being pulled by the federal government. A proposal to initially deal with 16- and 17-year-olds in a new Youth Court has garnered the support of liberal Democrats and more centrist politicians like Cuomo and the Senate's Independent Democratic Conference, a breakaway group of Democrats who collaborate with the Republicans, allowing that party to control Albany's upper chamber.

The key to this plan is that counties would be let off the hook for paying into Medicaid if they agreed to pass along all the savings to taxpayers.

Andrew Cuomo calls his state "the progressive capital of the nation", but when it comes to public defense, NY is anything but. Average New York property taxpayers can not afford to pay Albany's Medicaid bill.

Medicaid is funded by each state and Washington. However, their combined Medicaid costs total less than New York's. This amount is calculated using the Federal Medicaid Assistance Percentage. The state's fiscal year started Saturday.

Jenne said Governor Cuomo proposed major changes to how state funding is distributed to schools.

Further, Cuomo said there's no language in the Collins amendment that permits counties to lower property taxes.

Shortly before midnight Sunday, Cuomo said he is sending an emergency measure to both houses to keep the state government "fully functioning" until May 31.

In talks over the issue, Republican negotiators have sought a series of stipulations in the name of public safety that have drawn a strong response from numerous Democrats who control the Assembly.

DeFrancisco has himself not ruled out the idea of running for governor next year.

"We knew we wouldn't have a federal budget before April 1, and all of a sudden. I will continue to work with my colleagues in the NY delegation on behalf of the constituents of our great state".

The Collins/Faso amendment was created to push Albany to examine where further cuts could be made to the Medicaid program and state spending in general.

Of that $14 billion over $4 billion would be handed over to State legislators and other elected officials with "no specific details provided as to how and where the funds should be spent".