Android promises better battery life with 'O'

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Past year around the same time, the Mountain View giant introduced Android Nougat. Also, do share your experience if you have flashed the Developer Preview of Android O.

Most of us should just be patient and wait for the Android Beta Program update. Burke said a new function in Android O allows the operating system to limit what sorts of things applications can do in the background, resulting in battery life savings for the end user. Android O primarily will be focusing on better battery life and notifications. Imagine being able to watch a YouTube clip that pertains to a subject that you are reading about in Chrome. Background limits will do just what it says: put limits on what apps can do in the background, across three main areas. To do that the tech giant will restrict what apps can do while they are launched but not actively employed.

Google is introducing a new way for managing notifications with Android O. All notifications will essentially be grouped under what the company is calling Notification Channels. You can even set and enable background colours for different sets of notifications. They can now manage what type of notifications they can receive for each app. This multi-window mode is already available for Android TV; Android O makes the feature available on other Android devices.

Android O is aimed at becoming a great platform, which is why Google wanted to concentrate on giving developers enough time to test for compatibility, discover new features and send feedback.

Something that's not changing: As with previous updates to Android, no one knows what fraction of Android users will get the update. In addition to a new AAudio API for low-latency sound, Google has worked closely with its hardware partners, specifically Sony, to improve wireless audio handling via the Bluetooth LDAC codec. It also brings in Wi-Fi aware through which apps and devices can communicate with each other without an Internet point in between.

The Android O public beta is expected to be unveiled at the upcoming Google I/O event from May 17 to 19.