'Walking Dead' finale: Season 7 comes to a bloody end


Is there a demand for more Negan backstory on The Walking Dead? Sasha asked Eugene for a way to kill herself, thinking he would give her a knife. And Maggie's words about him Sunday night landed as a particularly needed form of closure-both for her and for fans, who might finally be ready to move on. He was gracious enough to let me in on his plan, and I really appreciated that. We all know that tonight's confrontation with Negan and his band is going to get pretty ugly. It was quite poetic when I found out how it was going to happen. I love Sasha, don't get me wrong. It felt like a period at the end of a really lovely poem.

As "The Walking Dead" updates continue, Rosita tells Sasha that it's a one-way ticket for them once they agree to take on the task together and as a team.

It was definitely a shock. Then again, after a season of mediocre and slow build-up, Negan's death likely would have been disappointing regardless of how the writers did it.

The Walking Dead just aired its most ferocious season finale yet (Heck yes, that was a Shiva pun!) and we're still in awe over the episode's most shocking twists and satisfying turns.

Sasha on the other hand has not exactly been a major character in the storyline of "The Walking Dead" Season 7.

Sasha emerged as a zombie when Negan opened the casket and attacked him. In a roundabout way, Sasha was able to go out fighting, just like she wanted. It seems like it would be strangely freeing.That's a good way to put it. While fans balked at the demoralization of Rick and his crew, I thought it was actually a great way to keep things fresh, and flip the tables this far in to a series. [Laughs] I had a blast with it! "When he said, 'I'm going to use you" - nope!

TVLINE | What was it like getting to work with Michael again?It was incredible. Because I felt like it was the ideal end to my story, the flawless culmination of my life.

Sasha's flashbacks to Abraham were the finale's first of two affirmations that community gives The Walking Dead's characters objective. It was beautifully written. "And though it promises more, because there is a whole lot to get to, there is an ending".

What did you think of Sasha's swan song, TWD fans?

Morgan also playfully declined to apologize to Cudlitz for having to kill off Abraham and instead joked about taking over the actor's trailer on the show's Atlanta set.