Senate intel leaders pledge Russian Federation probe cooperation


Nunes claims to have a secret source, whom he met secretly at the White House complex last week, who gave him secret information Nunes was eager to share with the media last week in vague and unhelpful ways.

Swalwell added that Nunes could have viewed classified materials at secure facilities in the Capitol building and that the White House visit was unnecessary.

CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin noted that Nunes used specific language.

Jones said Nunes should "Absolutely" step aside from the position of committee chairman.

But Democrats and some Republicans were dismayed by Nunes' actions, saying that by going to the White House grounds he delegitimized the nonpartisan investigation he was tasked with leading. Burr's been in the Senate since 2005, and served in the House since 1995. "This guy is so far out of his depth, he has no idea what he's doing".

Meanwhile, Rep. Walter Jones (R-N.C.), a bit of a Republican gadfly, yesterday endorsed Democratic calls for Nunes to recuse himself from the Russian Federation investigation in light of the chairman's lack of objectivity.

Reuters had a related report, noting that Nunes will not divulge information on who gave him intelligence information on Trump, even to his colleagues on the intelligence panel.

The Trump administration is refusing to provide details Tuesday to who signed House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes into offices on White House grounds, as the House investigation into Russia's interference in the USA elections is stalled, the victim of a partisan showdown. The report claims her testimony might contradict White House statements.

The White House did not immediately respond to Romper's request for comment, but Spicer denied that Trump wanted to block Yates' testimony, telling reporters at a Tuesday briefing, "I hope she testifies".

Devin Nunes (R-CA) vowed never to reveal his sources for his claim that Trump was spied on to his own committee.

The letters from lawyer David O'Neil, published by The Washington Post, appeared to be in response to a meeting O'Neil had at the Justice Department on March 23 in advance of the hearing.

Nunes and Schiff met Thursday after a week's worth of canceled hearings and bickering between the committee leaders, as their investigation turned partisan following a decision by Nunes, a Republican, to go to the press and White House with intelligence before alerting the committee. The oil industry executive was especially concerning because of his more than 20-year relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin. It warns that there is a limit to what she could reveal in her testimony and that "she needs to consult with the White House". "As you know, this Russian Federation issue, we have been on it for many, many years, and so we'll continue to be on the issue".

Nunes has provided limited details about the information he obtained over the course of his investigation, but said there are "dozens of reports" showing that "incidentally collected information about USA citizens involved in the Trump transition" was gathered during the course of "normal foreign surveillance".

"It's the same thing as always around this place - a lot of politics, people get heated, but I'm not going to involve myself with that", he said.