Twitter updates to give all 140 characters to users in replies

Twitter removes @replies from 140-character limit

The handles of other Twitter accounts will no longer count toward the 140-character limit when posting a reply, the social media website announced Thursday.

Twitter shared today that it has finally flipped the switch on no longer counting usernames against character limits on tweets.

Who the user is replying to will appear above the tweet text rather than within the tweet text itself, so users have more characters to have conversations. The change means you tweets don't have to be as short when several people are included in your replies.

Twitter is making your 140 characters count for more.

Well, we were expecting more relaxation regarding the word limit, but it did give us a little space. Instead, these usernames will be treated as metadata about the tweet, just like a tweet's date and location. Usernames in original, non-reply tweets still count toward the character limit. "We will continue to think about how we can improve conversations and make Twitter easier to use", Reddy wrote in a blog post. The change will make tweets more easily readable, especially when conversations include a handful of people. Every one of your tweets showed up in the timelines of everyone who followed you. However, the officials said that the company keeps working on a various process to simplify the conversation on Twitter and will introduce more new features in future.