Cheryl Burke to replace Abby Lee Miller on "Dance Moms"

Dance Moms coach Abby Lee Miller smiling at the camera

I had about 50 kids and their families at the competition that are not on a TV show and don't get paid.

'I'm trying to put my Spanx on or my bra or come out of the bathroom and there's a camera and a boom [microphone] and this producer in my face, ' she explained. "That's why I'm a raving lunatic, when you see the show, because they're in your bedroom". "There's no sense. People ask me, 'Aren't you anxious, aren't you this, aren't you that?' I can't think about it. It's very bad. There's no privacy, there's no respect".

According to Miller, she quit the controversial reality show after being "manipulated, disrespected, and used". She went on saying that she believed that Cheryl would be treated differently. I love teaching children. Miller targeted unnamed men in her post who "TREAT WOMEN LIKE DIRT".

As Radar reported, Miller, 50, is facing possible jail time after she admitted her guilt in hiding nearly $800,000 in assets in her bankruptcy case. Miller's lawyers noted that since their client is a first-time offender, she should get a probation for the fraud charges filed against her. "I'm worth more than that", she told Access Hollywood.

The controversial dance instructor has been shown in an unflattering light on many occasions throughout the show, and she discussed how producers have provoked her through the years. "They want me to come to meetings, pre-production, but on my own dime". "I pitched a show to Lifetime thinking in the back of my mind, these kids will be teenagers, we need to change this up. I think the word "respect, ' the word 'trust, ' and the word 'thank you" was missing from my relationship with the production company". "I told them, 'Get in, get your stuff, and get out'". "Honestly, it's a great change for me". Moving forward however, at least for the remainder of episodes set to film for Dance Moms' seventh season, ET says the dancers will be schooled by, wait for it, Cheryl Burke.

"It's a go with or without Abby,"an unnamed source told ET". Burke will appear as a guest choreographer, as is standard practice when Miller is unavailable.

"It's not about the money", Miller continued.

But she was also made very rich and very famous by the show and now she's facing possibly jail time as a result of a bankruptcy fraud scheme to which she pleaded guilty previous year. This is on top of the two-and-a-half-year prison term that she is facing if she is sentenced.