Protesters raise Confederate flag outside March Madness game, NCAA unmoved

Oregon head coach Kelly Graves yells during the second half of a second-round game against Duke in the NCAA women's college basketball tournament in Durham N.C. Monday

The flag's appearance comes almost three years after it was removed from above the Columbia statehouse, ending a near 15-year ban that prohibited the state from holding NCAA games.

There is a Confederate flag being flown outside an NCAA Tournament arena in SC.

"There are things out there that I don't like".

The focus of the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament has been thrilling wins and shocking upsets, but in Greenville, S.C., where the opening rounds of the games were played since Thursday, groups of demonstrators have been displaying confederate battle flags near the site of the tournament.

Members of the South Carolina Secessionist Party mounted the flag on a pickup truck that was parked at a garage next to Bon Secours Wellness Arena in Greenville.

"I wouldn't want to coach in any other state or with any other group of people, for any other bosses than the ones I've got", Martin said. All I know is this unbelievable university and state has taken in a son of Cuban immigrants that's married to a Jamaican woman, has mixed kids, and they've treated me like I'm one of their own from Day 1.

SC won this weekend's Greenville Regional after the NCAA chose to pull all tournament games out of North Carolina as a result of that state's so-called bathroom bill, which requires transgender individuals to use the public restroom that corresponds to the gender on their birth certificates. Our alums, our community is a lovely, attractive place. We are committed to assure that our events are safe and accessible to all. Last year, the NCAA banned championship games from North Carolina due to the anti-transgender HB2 legislation, and then moved some March Madness games from Greensboro to Greenville.

The statement continues: "No symbols that compromise that commitment will be permitted to be displayed on venue property that the tournament controls".

This was the first year the NCAA men's basketball tournament was held in the state of SC since 2002.

Hunter Meadows of Blue Ridge says, "I didn't feel it was right when the flag came down", Meadows says his ancestors fought for the Confederacy in the Civil War. Other areas are under the city's jurisdiction, and the NCAA backed the city's efforts to manage actions concerning freedom of speech.

Babb reported from Greenville, S.C.