Ryan: Trump Has 'Helped Negotiate Changes' As GOP Repeal Bill Nears Vote

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee D-Texas and the House Budget Committee works on the Republican health care bill on Capitol Hill in Washington Thursday March 16 2017

The Trump administration and House GOP leaders are making two significant changes to the ObamaCare replacement bill ahead of an expected vote on Thursday. "We believe we should have even more assistance. for that person in their 50s and 60s because they experience higher health care costs", Ryan told Fox News Sunday.

"Just yesterday President Trump made it clear - he supports the bill 100 percent, and we all do", he said. Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick said in a Facebook post Saturday night that while he believes the Affordable Care Act is "broken", he wouldn't vote for the Republican bill in its current form, citing its impact on the "single most important issue plaguing" his constituents, "opioid abuse prevention, treatment and recovery".

Moderate Republicans have also expressed concerns about the bill.

Even as Ryan said he felt "very good" about the health bill's prospects in the House, a leading conservative lawmaker told the C-Span "Newsmakers" program that there were now 40 Republican "no" votes in the House.

Ryan said the more generous tax credits will be among the changes the House Rules committee will take up this week in advance of a final House floor vote - planned for Thursday.

He added: "The reason I feel so good about this is because the president has become a great closer". As a result, he said there will be some "fine-tuning improvements" to the law that will help assuage some members' "concerns".

Meadows, a North Carolina Republican, also said the changes being considered for the Medicaid program would not go far enough, if they left it up to states to decide whether to put in place a work requirement. "But is the major decrease in the number of people - according to the CBO - who will have health insurance, is it freedom or is it that some people will no longer be able to afford health insurance under your plan?" "That's one of the things we're looking at".

"It's exactly where we want to be", he said". "We need to roll up our sleeves and focus on fixing those problems, rather than trying to rush to some arbitrary deadline".