Beauty and the Beast Earns $16.3 Million In Thursday Previews

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You can see The Enchanted Rose here and the competition runs until Saturday 18th March. One scene took a year-and a-half to finish. Minor changes are made to Beast's background that alter the context of his condition, while Belle's past family life is given the spotlight for the first time. "It was gorgeous, it was over-the-top to the point of absurdity - and just like that, I was all in".

In this updated version, each of those questions are answered and built upon in even more detail which I felt really helped make the story feel smoother.

"When you're able to bring wonderful casts to some of these characters - that haven't been realized in live action. you can sort of bring layers and texture", Bailey said.

Voice-overs of our other main characters, Lumiere (Ewan McGregor), Cogsowrth (Ian McKellen) and Mrs. Potts (Emma Thompson) give you that warm, fuzzy feeling. "That we tell them in such a way that the world sees themselves reflected in these times in these timeless stories". And why would a gay man try so hard to get attention from the town's women?

The true stars of this film though are Watson and Luke Evans as Gaston.

Emma Watson had to laugh when she was asked if she would recommend kidnapping as a dating strategy. I recommend sticking with the animated version instead of this C-plus rehash. He's recorded a new version of the hit title track with Ariana Grande, but that's not the only new recording on the movie's soundtrack. Belle's wanna-be suitor Gaston and his right-hand man Le Fou step up, taking a crowd of villagers along with them.

A backlash ensued over Disney's first openly gay character in a film: Josh Gad's LeFou.

You've played a lot of serious characters before.

Aside from all the musical numbers, there are quite a few laughs in the film as well, and the Beast is quite amusing himself.

Turns out it's an homage to voice actress Paige O'Hara, who lent her voice to Belle in the 1991 animated classic Beauty and the Beast.

Side note: The ballroom scene manages to be just as magical as it was in the 1991 film. Ultimately they ALL got there to create a satisfying new take on a timeless classic. It's such a timeless tale that I think people are going to tell it over and over. Tucci, who was excited to take on the new role, had one stipulation - singing. I typically like her work, but the combination of her as the primary human and most of her co-stars hiding behind CGI or in recording booths was rarely a winning one for me. I very much believe that. Also, now that I think about it, I could have done without one of the newest original songs because it didn't really serve much goal to the film other than for the sake of having another musical number.

While this adaptation is sure to bring a bit of nostalgia for Disney fans, there are still some major surprises and new aspects that will delight fans young and old.