Dave Chappelle returns on Netflix with two specials this month

Two specials will begin streaming March 21

Netflix released the trailer for the specials, filmed in Austin and Los Angeles, as a part of a three-special deal with Netflix.

Dave Chappelle has been absent from the comedy scene for a very long time, but fans won't have to wait much longer for new material. Before the March 21 premiere, Netflix released a new trailer for his specials earlier today. If the trailer for his upcoming specials, both available to stream on Netflix as of March 21, is any indication, Dave Chappelle's glorious return has a theme, and that theme is disgusting, frightful death. Chappelle talks about everything from race - "You know what kills black people more than anything, more than police and terrorism?"

In a trailer for the highly anticipated specials released Tuesday, Chappelle jokes about the self-titled Islamic State, the late Nicole Brown Simpson and, well, salt. Two of those specials come from Chappelle's personal vault, while the other hasn't been produced yet. However, Chappelle is now on the road for performances that will be used for a third Netflix special which will hopefully be a little more timely.