TAG Heuer unveils its new android modular smart watch for $1650

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The watch is water resistant for up to 5ATM, equivalent to 50m of depth. TAG is attempting to go one step further with its modular design. Yep, we're talking about the "modular" part in the name, along with its Swiss background. Instead of having the screen on display - or if the 24-hour battery life runs out - it is possible to remove it from the strap and replace it with a mechanical head. Available now is the Calibre 5 with time-and-date automatic movement and the Calibre 02T, the company's entry-level tourbillon. The obvious stuff - like the straps and buckle - can be switched out, in case you get bored of how your watch looks. This adds convenience, meaning you can just tap your watch on compatible payment terminals, so there's no need to get your card or phone out of your pocket. The Connected Modular also has 18 different straps to choose from, including ceramic, titanium, rubber or leather. The accessory is fabricated from materials including titanium, ceramic and rose gold. The buckles will be available in PVD or titanium.

At $1,650, the Modular 45 actually starts at a higher price than its predecessor, but for all that money you're definitely getting a solid smartwatch. Modifications will be priced separately, making it an expensive device.

Both modules will be the same size, 45mm, which is 1mm smaller than the original Connected.

Thanks to the mechanical module that's included in the package, the Connected Modular 45 qualifies for the Swiss Made label, which denotes that it's made in Switzerland with predominantly Swiss components.

With the new watch to continue under the company's "Connected" branding, Tag Heuer made the confirmation on Twitter, stating simply: "March 14, Stay Tuned..." Powering the engine is an Intel Atom Processor Z34XX with 512 MB of RAM and 4 GB storage.

This includes inbuilt Global Positioning System, a brighter, more detailed screen than the competition and integrated NFC that allows for Android Pay support. But it also appears to be a showpiece created to make Google's Android Wear platform look its best.

Intel said it is developing its own voice-controlled intelligent assistant that will eventually appear on the watch via a firmware update. The new model comes as the Swiss watch market has been showing tentative signs of a recovery from its longest slump on record.

TAG says it has additionally built a companion app to work with the watch to select new dials and faces.