The Nintendo Switch's Amazing, Not-So-Secret Weapon


Apparently, the web browser for the Nintendo Switch is a bit outdated.

The first sign of the trend came last week, when Rime publisher Tequila Works announced that the Switch version of the exploration/puzzle game would cost $40, compared to $30 for the PS4 and Xbox One versions.

According to various video game critics like IGN and Gamespot, there are serious flaws of Nintendo's device and above all the lack of any game titles at the moment.

By Nintendo's own metrics, the Switch seems to be off to a solid start.

On its technical aspects, even though it is a marvel of development, it has still its flaws.

To be clear you're not going to be playing pirated Zelda games on your Switch any time soon.

Despite all this the one thing that the Switch has is Zelda Breath of the Wild.

A hacker who goes by qwertyoruiop has claimed to have hacked the Nintendo Switch, the new game console from Nintendo that launched nine days ago.

Nintendo wants to get as much information as possible from customers to better understand the issue, and the company is encouraging customers to contact their support team. Finding the game you want to play and playing it is as simple as choosing the game and then selecting which user will be playing the game.

One of the great benefits of the Nintendo Switch is that you can now play Skylanders Imaginators on the go. Luca Todesco, well known in the jailbreaking circle by his Twitter handle @qwertyoruiopz has posted on the social media of his exploits on the console.

The Nintendo Switch arrived on store shelves on March 3rd. You need something to lift it up and give space on the bottom, as even a flat cable bent 90 degrees will effectively act as a fulcrum, making the Switch unstable with just the built-in stand. What was once a pretty straight-forward combination of a living room console, controller and games for people to purchase has become something more. "The number [of Joy-Con replacement or fix requests received] is not significant, and is consistent with what we've seen for any new hardware we have launched", the statement reads.

In short, if you were to ask the majority of the Nerd Much? staff if the Nintendo Switch is worth it, our simple answer would be "yes". "But certainly we understand the desire, and it's something we pushed hard for from a production standpoint".