Trump bans Brits from the White House

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan  shares a laugh with Republican members of Congress after signing legislation to repeal the Affordable Care Act also known as Obamacare and to cut off federal funding of Planned Parenthood during an enrollmen

Tuesday marked the reopening of the White House for public tours since the presidential inauguration to allow for fix work.

While the tour group was admiring Hillary Clinton's First lady portrait, the president emerged from behind a partition nearby to greet them - causing the group to erupt into applause.

US President Donald Trump assures Americans that his administration is "getting along great", amid frequent reports of tension and conflict inside the White House. One of the tourists-10-year-old Jack Cornish from Birmingham-came over and hugged the president.

The White House made clear to Newsmax on Monday the president feels there is some hypocrisy with the press focusing on alleged Russian involvement in the U.S presidential elections a year ago while making very little issue when his confidential conversations with fellow world leaders are leaked.

The next day, she made a cameo on Fox & Friends, as her husband led the hosts into the White House Library to show Melania Trump and her team hard at work. "The White House is a remarkable and historic site and we are excited to share its beauty and history", the first lady said in a statement.

The White House is welcoming House Republicans' long-awaited plan for replacing former President Barack Obama's signature health care law.

Asked for comment, a White House press official said the reason Scaramucci did not get the Office of Public Liaison director job "had to do with the complexities of his businesses, not anything more". The 45-minute self-guided tours are available for several hours Tuesday through Saturday. Would-be guests must also submit a public tour requests through a member of Congress.