World's First 'Smart' Condom To Rate How Good You Are In Bed

World's First 'Smart' Condom To Rate How Good You Are In Bed

Also, it can measure the number, speed and average velocity of the user's thrusts, and the frequency and duration of the sex sessions.

If you're interested in the i.Con then you may have to wait a while. "You will not know that the i.Con is there, it's extremely lightweight and non-invasive", the spokesperson said. As such, it is more of a device, a ring that can be used together with an ordinary condom during sexual intercourse. Also, it detects chlamydia and syphilis to notify the chances of infections.

In short, the i.Con ring promises to answer every burning question you've ever had about your sex session.

British Condoms, which has been delivering condoms and other products since 1999, revealed previous year that it was developing the unique product.

The i.Con is being called the world's first world's first smart condom.

The i.Con is a wonderful product for men who have always been wondering how they stack up to other men.

The ring uses nano-chips and sensors to take measurements of various bodily indicators and connects to the i.Con app using Bluetooth technology. Once the data is downloaded, the smart condom automatically erases the previous stats to make room for your next session.

A British company claims to have invented a smart condom, which ranks your sexual performance and detect sexually transmitted diseases.

The ring, comes with a one-year warranty, will have a Micro-USB charging port to provide six to eight hours of "live" usage (the website doesn't clarify what "live" exactly means).

You don't have to share your dalliance data online though, and the device gives you the option to be completely anonymous.

As the i.Con says: 'The future of your sex life starts here'.

According to the publication, the i.Con will be available later this year for £59.99, but there's apparently already over 96,000 pre-orders so, you might want to stick for normal condoms in the meantime. The wearable is now not listed with a release date.