Dish, AT&T, Sony Face New Competition in Google's Youtube TV


On Tuesday, YouTube debuted YouTube TV, its new service that competes with cable and satellite television by offering you a package of channels delivered over the internet - to your smart TV, phone, or laptop, and so on. However, networks such as Fox Soccer Plus and Showtime require an additional fee.

Its users will be able to watch on their connected devices (tablets, telephones ...) the main American general channels (ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC ...) as well as sports channels and other programs, detailed the group.

Priced at $35 a month, YouTube TV will offer subscribers access to live and recorded content without the need for a cable connection.

"YouTube TV gives you the best of live TV, from must-see broadcast shows like "Empire, ' 'The Voice, ' 'The Big Bang Theory" and 'Scandal, ' to the live sports you want" the firm said. In the news category, YouTube TV will be streaming the likes of MSNBC and Fox News.

As for the online streaming service's content, YouTube has managed to secure as many local and national broadcasts as possible.

YouTube TV allows up to six accounts per subscription, and supports "cloud DVR", which saves recordings for later access, for a period of up to nine months.

They promised that the feature would be available more broadly at YouTube soon.

YouTube TV is expected to be made available later this year. We will have to wait to find out when the service launches in the Spring.

YouTube has said it is still in talks to get more partners to come on board, but for now, it looks like consumers will have to continue to settle with a hodgepodge of services (including rivals like Sling TV, Hulu and PlayStation's Vue) to get all of their favorite shows.