House Republicans moving forward with 'secret' health care plan


Meanwhile, House Speaker Paul Ryan plans for the House of Representatives to vote on House leaders' Obamacare alternative plan in three weeks, sources told Politico.

In an impromptu press conference outside of House leadership's offices, Paul likened the move to hide the bill to Democrats' handling of Obamacare in 2009.

As it stands in the leaked draft, the Republican credits would shift the tax benefit away from lower income people and towards those higher on the income scale, because the credits don't adjust for income.

Paul announced on Twitter that he was heading to the "secure location" where the bill was being held, and soon drew a sizable gaggle of reporters and cameras.

Paul and some of his colleagues' criticism of the previous draft of the bill as well as his public move to get a copy of the newest version both illustrate the lingering divisions that are hampering Republicans' healthcare agenda.

President Donald Trump has laid out changes he wants to make in USA health care policies, but his Republican colleagues in Congress remain divided about exactly how to repeal and then replace the national reforms championed by former president Barack Obama.

"I might never find that secret room where the health care bill is, but Republicans know where to find me, if they want to stop playing politics, and start working together", Murphy said.

Congressional Republicans began the process to repeal the ACA in mid-January, well before Trump even took office - and well before they had some idea of what would supplant the healthcare program, a scenario some industry experts and former Obama administration officials warned could be catastrophic. Almost every Republican plan continues Obamacare-style tax credits to make health insurance more affordable. The GOP plan would provide money for those states and for the 19 states, mostly run by Republicans, that didn't expand Medicaid.

The proposal also still includes plans to eliminate Obamacare's taxes.

Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi tweeted a photo of bloodhounds on the hunt at Paul in support of his search, which Paul retweeted. "And conservatives who have objections that don't want Obamacare-lite should be able to see the bill".

Even if an arrangement was made for Paul to read the bill, he said he wanted everyone to have the chance to see what it is about. Brady, who will be handling policy reforms through his committee, said Trump's address would help propel the panel's efforts.

"It would also shift costs to consumers, increasing their costs by an average of $1,380 per year.The impact would be particularly severe for older people ages 55 to 64, whose costs would increase by $5,118 per year", Spiro said. They risk alienating Trump's loyal base - a prospect many lawmakers do not take lightly.

In a statement, the Oregon Republican said majority members continue to work on refining the language of a draft bill. They say its tax credits are too similar to Obamacare's subsidies, which are also refundable tax credits but are based on an individual's income and the cost of coverage in their area.