Truck goes airborne during high-speed chase in northwest Louisiana

The airborne pickup landed on a car parked at a restaurant. Barbara Harlon the woman who was in that car escaped through a passenger door.

Authorities said an inmate at a prison work release program stole an employee's pickup and led deputies on a high-speed chase.

A speeding pick-up truck being chased by deputies went airborne in a crash and then landed on another auto, almost crushing a woman inside. Police stopped the Tacoma for speeding on the highway, while Austin was in the passenger's seat.

Spike strips were deployed and once the vehicle hit them it went airborne flipped and landed on the roof of a auto in a restaurant parking lot. The deputy handcuffed the driver and quickly gave chase.

The driver was unhurt, but you can tell from the incredible damage to the truck just how violent that crash was when he landed.

Austin landed on a Barbara Harlon's Toyota Corolla after the truck's leap.

"I felt around to see if I was hurt and could tell that I was OK. God was with me", he said.

He had been in jail for vehicle theft and had escaped custody when ditching a work-release programme after finishing his shift. Somehow there were no serious injuries, and the suspect was arrested.

According to KSLA-TV, Kevonte Dekorey Austin, 18, was taken into custody in Webster Parrish, Louisiana.