Swedish studio to develop huge new Avatar game

Swedish studio to develop huge new Avatar game

Apparently the partnership was agreed upon after Massive showed an early game prototype built on its Snowdrop engine.

Part of what brought James Cameron's team on in the first place was the Snowdrop engine.

Fox Interactive and Massive are working together to create a game that will continue to expand and deepen in the Avatar universe in exciting and innovative ways along with the films.

Still, it does mean that we can at least speculate on a Holiday 2018 release date for this Avatar game, if it is to tie in with the arrival of the second movie.

Avatar is almost ten years old, and practically absent from the current pop culture landscape, but director James Cameron continues to insist that he'll release the first of four sequels to his Oscar-nominated sci-fi spectacle in 2018.

Ubisoft announced today a new Avatar game from the developers who also worked on The Division.

That doesn't necessarily mean it'll be anything like The Division, although Massive were recently caught advertising for someone to handle a live service on a new project - which is presumably Avatar. You can find a list of open positions at their official website.

Reviews of Avatar: The Game were mixed at best with complaints about the game being too linear along with the controls. Similarly, the game is going to be made available on both PC and console platforms.

Are you interested in a new Avatar game? It is the lead engine on multiple unannounced Ubisoft titles as well as the engine behind the development of The Division. With this in mind, Ubisoft had to make a decision on which team they wanted to headline the task of an Avatar game.