Thousands furious over giraffe birth cam being shut down


However, the video was stopped before the big event could take place.

The live stream was a 24/7 video feed of the giraffe April, who is due to give birth to a calf at any moment. "LET THEM KNOW", Animal Adventure Park wrote on Facebook.

The park says YouTube chose to take down the feed briefly after animal rights extremists complained about it.

Within another 60 minutes it is on its feet walking and starts nursing from the mother shortly after, Jordan Patch with the Animal Adventure Park said.

In the wake of the overwhelming support Animal Adventure Park received following the live stream's removal and Patch's subsequent response, YouTube has since allowed the stream to go live once again.

The park plans to hold a contest to name the calf sometime after its birth.

Thousands of people anxiously awaiting the arrival of a baby giraffe are furious after a live stream following the process was removed early Thursday morning.

"Instead of sitting behind a keyboard or holding a protest sign, I encourage the animal rights activists, get behind conservation", he said. We want the best for these animals, and we would love to have them in their natural environment one day.

Park officials ask that curious viewers and supporters not contact them Thursday, as the zoo has been inundated with messages. This New York zoo chose to live stream April giving birth while daddy giraffe, Oliver stood in the background supporting his partner through the birth.

As for April, she's reportedly "fine" and without pain.

April is doing "very well" and the labor process is going "just fine", according to the zoo.