Giraffe LIVE webcam back on Youtube after being taken down


"This is the ideal example of why we can't have nice things", said Jordan Patch, owner Animal Adventure Park in NY.

The stream was live again by about 9 a.m. YouTube has not released a statement on the matter.

The park will hold a contest to name the giraffe.

April is a 15-year old lady and a resident of Animal Adventure Park in Harpursvile, New York.

'We are all on the same team.

You've probably not seen that ever, so that would explain the fascination - which is what a U.S. adventure park is banking on as it live streams the birthing of its new member.

"Instead of sitting behind a keyboard or holding a protest sign, I encourage the animal rights activists, get behind conservation", he said.

"You can thank Animal Rights Extremists for this issue", Animal Adventure Park said on Facebook.

April is expected to deliver her fourth calf soon. "But until we can control the destruction of natural habitat and curb poaching, that is not going to happen", he continued.

A spokesperson for YouTube acknowledged the video's brief removal, as well as its return, but declined further comment when reached by The Huffington Post.

Meanwhile, a two-hour stream documenting part of the giraffe's labor was allowed to remain online.

Some asked if they need to clothe the giraffe, named April.

But obviously, this story isn't about humans: it's about April, and her journey into motherhood.