Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco are most congested United States cities


According to Inrizx, Miamians spent an average of 65 hours per year trapped in traffic at peak congestion times last year.

The study by Inrix, a traffic information company, shows traffic jams cost the average United Kingdom driver almost £1,000 a year. Motorists in Birmingham spent 9% of their total drive time in congestion past year, costing the city £407 million.

Toronto, Canada's second most-congested city with 45.6 hours spent stuck in traffic, ranked 38th overall.

The direct and indirect costs of traffic jams cost London drivers £6.2bn past year, that's £1,911 each.

Of U.S. cities analyzed by Inrix, only Boston drivers spent more time dealing with traffic congestion during rush hour, at 23 percent of their total driving time at peak commuting times.

The UK was the second most congested country in the world, behind China, according to traffic analysts TomTom.

In 2016, drivers wasted 72 hours per person on average picking their ways through that stretch.

A ranking of the world's most congested major cities. So using it's definition, a road is considered congested when speeds are below 35 miles per hour on a highway posted as 55 miles per hour or 39 miles per hour on segments posted at 60 mph.

A spokesman for Transport Scotland said total investment in truck roads had increased by £167m in 2016/17, with an additional £160m investment to support local services, including an additional £12.2m for Aberdeen City. LAist pointed out that "Drivers in Gioia del Colle, Italy, (a town of about 28,000 in the heel of the boot) wasted only 2 hours in traffic in 2016".

"Traffic truly is a double-edged sword", added Bob Pishue, a senior economist with the firm.

The competing Tom Tom navigation company ranks Seattle the fourth most congested area in the United States, in its yearly Traffic Index update released Monday. NYC had the top daytime congestion on arterials and city streets, while San Francisco ranked first during peak times. If you look at the figures during all congested periods, things were slightly better, with a speed of 4.7 miles per hour (7.5 km/h). That topped Moscow and NY, where drivers spent an average of 91 hours and 89 hours, respectively, sitting in gridlocked traffic.

Sheffield drivers now spend 36 minutes a day stuck in traffic, the study found.