Mitsubishi reveals all-new Eclipse Cross SUV

Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross SUV

Mitsubishi has a gap to fill between the ASX and Outlander, and this is the SUV that will do it - the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross. The brand is hoping to recapture buyers' interest with the introduction of a fashion-forward crossover.

M - Japanese automaker Mitsubishi has announced the name of its new compact SUV that it plans to unveil early next month at the 2017 Geneva International Motor Show in Switzerland.

Whether the plug-in hybrid drivetrain of the Mitsubishi Outlander will expand to the Eclipse Cross remains to be seen.

In a short statement, Mitsubishi said: "Eclipse derives its name from the MMC's popular specialty coupe model sold in the USA from 1989, while Cross is short for crossover". It also takes inspiration from its namesake astronomical event. It features a wedge-shaped belt line, an aggressive character crease on the side, a more steeply-raked rear window and heavily flared front and rear fenders.

It is now confirmed that the auto is called the Eclipse Cross, and it will sit between the ASX and Outlander in the Japanese brand's SUV range.

Mitsubishi has unveiled the name for its new CUV as the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross.

The upcoming compact SUV will be named the "Eclipse Cross" as a nod to the Eclipse sport coupe ("Cross" is simply short for "crossover"). It is also expected to rival Nissan's own compact crossover, the Qashqai.