Fake News Firestorm Hits French Presidential Election

Zhakiyanov survives knockdowns to dethrone Warren

(Onwards!) party, said that forces in Russian Federation were trying to influence the outcome of the May election during an interview with France 2 Television on Monday.

Richard Ferrand, the secretary-general of Macron's party, said on February 12 that state-backed Russian media such as RT and Sputnik are targeting Macron with "fake news" because of his pro-EU stance.

Meyer Habib, a Jewish member of the French National Assembly, lashed out at far-right leader Marine Le Pen over her promise to ban non-European dual citizenships, including Israeli ones, needling her over her father's frequent anti-Semitic comments and praise for Nazism.

Sputnik earlier this month ran an interview with a conservative French lawmaker accusing Macron, a former investment banker, of being an agent of "the big American banking system", a report that was in turn picked up by Russia Today.

"Today, we have to look at the facts: two major media platforms Russia Today and Sputnik, that belong to the Russian state, broadcast false news daily".

"If these attacks succeeded, the campaign of En Marche would become extremely hard, if not impossible", Ferrand said in Le Monde online. The results of this poll ratify Macron as the favorite to win the presidential elections scheduled in April and May, displacing right-wing Fillon, who for months was considered the sure victor of the presidency of France for the next five years. He added: "That there is a hysterical anti-[President Vladimir] Putin campaign in certain countries overseas is an obvious fact".

Fillon, who has seen his lead evaporate amid a "fake jobs" scandal involving his wife, has spoken positively about improving relations with Russian Federation.

Jean-Yves Le Drian, France's defense minister, said last week French intelligence agencies were attempting to fortify cybersecurity surrounding the election.

Rumours about Macron's private life had grown louder in recent weeks, in tandem with his poll surge.

Griveaux on Tuesday also pointed a finger at Russian Federation over a flurry of cyberattacks on Macron's campaign site in the past month.