World's heaviest woman weighing 500 kg lands in Mumbai for surgery

World's heaviest woman weighing 500 kilograms to arrive in Mumbai for bariatic surgery

She has already suffered a stroke resulting in paralysis of her right arm and leg, she can not speak coherently, has Type 2 diabetes, hypertension, hypothyroidism, severe obstructive and restrictive lung disease, gout and is at a very high risk of pulmonary embolism. Her flight was for a duration of 5 hours and it took 40 minutes to unload her from the cargo plane, said a Saifee hospital attendant. "We will perform a sleeve gastrectomy operation, " said Dr Lakdawala, who travelled with Eman and her sister Shaimaa from the airport in a truck.

It has been nearly two months that Union External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj cleared the hurdles to procure medical visa for Eman to come to Mumbai, but no airline was ready to carry her.

Ahmed has had a long wait as no airliners were previously willing to fly her from Egypt to India owing to her health complications.

Once in Mumbai, Eman will have part of her stomach removed, hopefully triggering a major weight loss.

Egyptian artisans created a special bed for Ahmed at Saifee Hospital in accordance with the safety requirements laid out by EgyptAir for her safe transportation on ground and in the aircraft.

However, she was later granted the visa after her surgeon Lakdawala tweeted to Indian Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj about Abd El Aty's condition.

After hearing about her case Dr Lakdawala had offered to carry out the procedure free of charge.

Eman Ahmed Abd El Aty, 36, who weighs 78 stone, had not left her home in Alexandria for 25 years as she was unable to move from her bed because of her enormous size. Her doctor, Muffazal Lakdawala, who will conduct her bariatric surgery, was there to receive her along with a group of people who were there to move Ms. Ahmed, who weighs 500 kg.

Eman Ahmed special bed being lifted to the room allotted to her at Saifee Hospital in South Mumbai.

Special arrangements, including a special room with a broad doorway and a special intensive care unit, have been made at Saifee Hospital to house and treat Eman.

She later suffered a stroke and was rendered bedridden, triggering a series of ailments including diabetes, high blood pressure, hypertension and sleep apnoea.

They may take six months or more. A nutritionist will plan a diet chart to start a procedure to reduce water retention in her body.