Brexit French PM, Juncker say deal must be worse than membership

May's Brexit plan under pressure ahead of parliamentary test

Mr Boles piled even more pressure on Ms Abbott as he wrote from hospital: 'Today, on my own initiative, I am coming out of hospital to support the government on the Article 50 bill.

Members of Parliament are debating the detail of May's draft law to trigger the start of the Brexit process under Article 50 of the European Union treaty.

But some Labour MPs - 47 of whom defied Mr Corbyn's orders last week by voting against the government - say ministers need to be subjected to greater scrutiny over their plans for Brexit.

Brexit minister David Jones told MPs that the agreement will need to be approved by the Houses of Commons and Lords and that votes will take place before the European Parliament considers it.

Four Labour MPs have already stood down over the bill.

Grantham and Stamford MP Nick Boles, who is now battling cancer for a second time, will come out of hospital to vote with the government on its Brexit bill later this evening.

Would-be rebel Tory MPs have been warned by Theresa May they will be going against the democratic will of the British people if they side with the opposition to put constraints on the Government in the Brexit Bill.

"The Government's so-called "concession" falls short of giving Parliament a meaningful vote", Labour MP Chris Leslie said.

Corbyn has now ordered a new three-line whip for the final vote on the bill.

Mr Jones said he did not want a situation where MPs could send negotiators back to Brussels to try for a different deal before leaving, as this would be "the surest way of undermining our negotiating position and delivering a worse deal".

It was not immediately clear what will happen if parliament voted against the final deal reached by the government at the end of the two-year process in 2019. Euractiv reports that Cazeneuve also said the United Kingdom can't get a better deal than what it has now as a member of the EU.

He also said the vote would cover the withdrawal arrangements and the terms of Britain's future relationship with the bloc.