Education secretary nominee seems to know little about education

Education secretary nominee seems to know little about education

They wanted Kelly and everyone else to know they oppose President Donald Trump's nomination of Betsy DeVos for Secretary of Education.

This may be especially true in rural states like Collins' Maine and Murkowski's Alaska.

DeVos is a wealthy Republican donor and activist from MI, where she has been a vocal supporter of charter schools and school choice policies.

Even if she is confirmed in what some experts say is the most divisive nomination battle in the department's history, DeVos is off to an uneasy start. They've contacted me by phone, by email, in person. "Alaskans not satisfied that she would uphold federal civil rights laws in schools that receive federal funds".

DeVos' experience in education comes primarily from being a staunch advocate of school choice, pumping money to school choice programs which allow children and parents' greater flexibility over which schools they attend. Over 90 percent of our nation's children attend public schools.

DeVos's lack of experience and understanding of basic educational policy was evident during her January 17 hearings. What is even more remarkable, these charter schools are often housed in the very same buildings, in the very same ghettoes, where students in the regular public schools fail to learn even the basics in English or math.

The President of the Marquette Area Public Schools Board of Education sent a letter to Senators Gary Peters and Debbie Stabenow regarding Betsy DeVos. Jerry Moran (R) to change his mind after he came out in support of DeVos, and in Philadelphia, protesters appeared at the offices of Sen.

Kathy Ballin retired two years ago after a 40-year career in the classroom mostly teaching high school geometry.

U.S. Sen. Pat Roberts, Kansas' senior senator and a Republican, has made clear since mid-January that he supports DeVos.

"She has no background on public education, " said Diane Syphrit, a Hermitage woman who was one of the pickets. "But elections are about the American people's view, and the American people, when they elect a president also believe that he should have a team around him-I think that more than anything else-that is why it is a little surprising that the Democrats are being as hard-over as they are".

"Mrs. DeVos is the product of her experience", Collins said Wednesday, announcing her opposition.

Friday's early morning vote, which was called shortly after 7 a.m. ET, wasn't as narrowly split as the final vote will probably be, with Collins and Murkowski agreeing with Republican colleagues to limit debate - a procedural matter in the case of most nominations, requiring only a majority vote.

Lima Charlie provides global news, insight & analysis by military veterans and service members Worldwide. That left opponents needing only one more Republican vote to block the longtime champion of charter schools and Republican donor. She actually got more than that, over $66,000 from nearly 4,000 people in two days, the website says.

Some of these charter schools - especially those in the chain of the Success Academy schools and the chain of the KIPP (Knowledge Is Power Program) schools - operate in low-income, minority neighborhoods in the inner-cities, and turn out graduates who can match the educational performances of students in affluent suburbs.