Trump's Controversial Education Pick Betsy DeVos Barely Clears Senate Hurdle

Zach Gibson  Bloomberg via Getty Images

The Senate's 48 Democrats only need to pull three Republicans to their side to end DeVos' nomination.

We are asking supporters and members to call and urge every Senator to oppose her confirmation.

Carrera said seeing hundreds of California teachers come together for one cause gave her hope that DeVos' nomination could be killed by the Senate committee voting Tuesday. Media reports indicate it's unlikely an attempt to block DeVos' appointment would be successful. "I haven't heard otherwise".

The groups, which include the NAACP and the National Education Association, said the billionaire's deference to state flexibility and lack of education experience make her the wrong choice for the future of American education.

"That's more than a gamble", Isakson responded, according to the news outlet.

Heitkamp said in a statement it was clear from watching the hearings that DeVos "doesn't understand the importance of public schools-highlighting her preference for private schools and her work to accomplish that goal by taking public funds away from public schools".

"I continue to have concerns and I think that Mrs. DeVos has much to learn about our nation's public schools", Murkowski said.

Old-guard Republicans like former First Lady Barbara Bush defended her as a lifelong champion of low-income children, literacy and giving parents more choice in education.

"That scares me as an educator", Kirby High School social studies teacher Will Kelley said.

Nearly half of the responses Heitkamp received on the 13 Cabinet positions mentioned concerns about DeVos, according to Heitkamp's office. She also said that Democrats haven't been given time to ask follow-up questions and that some of her responses may be inadequate.

Senate Democrats debated whether the initial vote in favor of DeVos was valid after Sen.

DeVos has been widely criticized for her lack of institutional experience and a confirmation hearing in which it appeared she was initially unfamiliar with some federal policies like those regarding protections for disabled students.

Still, lawmakers on both side of the aisle expressed doubts about the qualifications of DeVos, who has never formally worked in a school and holds no education certifications or degrees. An answer to a question posed by Democratic Senator Patty Murray on bullying of LGBT students was strikingly similar to a statement issued by Gupta in a 2016 press release on schools accommodating transgender students.

Republican PACs have put their weight behind DeVos, as well. "I would prefer just about anyone but Betsy".