The ACLU Raised $10 Million Since Saturday

Charity White came to Hartsfield Jackson on Saturday Jan. 28 to protest President Donald Trump's immigration order.''I don’t believe in bans on people. I don’t think people are illegal

The order seeks "extreme vetting" procedures for those it did allow to enter the U.S. In signing the order, Trump pledged to "keep radical Islamic terrorists out of the United States of America".

The American Civil Liberties Union received millions in donations over weekend amid the backlash over President Trump's executive order to suspend the country's refugee program and temporarily ban immigration from seven-mostly Muslim nations.

In a year, the group normally receives about $4 million in online donations. They want to be deployed as protagonists in this fight. The founders of ride-share company Lyft also said they would donate $1 million to the ACLU over the next four years. The ACLU's membership more than doubled after the election to a million people.

Then, paraphrasing a statement by Trump that Americans will get exhausted of winning under his administration, Shakir added, "He's going to lose so much we're going to get sick and exhausted of his losing".

The order barred USA border agents from removing anyone who arrived in the US with a valid visa from Iraq, Syria, Iran, Sudan, Libya, Somalia and Yemen.

Microsoft employees on Sunday urged each other on Twitter to take advantage of a reported offer by the tech giant to 100 percent match employee donations to the ACLU.

The lawsuit filed by the ACLU led to a federal judge in Brooklyn banning parts of Trump's executive order. Brandon Friedman, a former Obama administration official who commanded a platoon during the invasion of Iraq, said Mr. Darweesh had worked for him as an interpreter.

Other actors are also calling for donations to the ACLU. "To protect the rights and liberties of people across this country, it's a vital organization that relies entirely on our support".

Anthony Romero, the executive director of the ACLU, appeared on CNN's "Fareed Zakaria GPS" on Sunday and said he expects the travel ban case to reach the Supreme Court. "Reply with donation receipts from today and I'll match to $25,000", venture capitalist Chris Sacca tweeted on Saturday.