Chuck Schumer Vows To Fight Trump Immigration Order

Chuck Schumer Vows To Fight Trump Immigration Order

The order banned USA entry to individuals from seven predominantly-Muslim nations, and it prompted anti-Trump, pro-Muslim refugee protests around the country.

Mr Trump's order does not address homegrown extremists already in America, a primary concern of federal law enforcement officials.

"If we get a few more Republicans, I think we might be able to pass legislation", he said.

"I, as your senator from NY, will claw, scrap and fight with every fiber of my being until these orders are overturned", said Schumer, who nearly broke down as he quoted the poet Emma Lazarus: " Give me your exhausted, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free".

Democrats will fight President Donald Trump's "unconstitutional" refugee ban, pledged a teary-eyed Sen.

The President's executive order temporarily suspended immigration from several Muslim majority countries, halts refugee admissions for four months and indefinitely halts the processing of Syrian refugees in particular.

President Donald Trump has defended his controversial immigration ban, denying it was to blame for the chaos at U.S. airports over the weekend and instead blaming computer glitches, protesters and the "tears of Senator Schumer".

The Department of Homeland Security said the court rulings would not stop implementation of Trump's order.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer announced on Facebook Monday that he will oppose eight of President Trump's nominees for key cabinet positions.

US President Donald Trump speaks before signing an executive order in the Oval Office at the White House in Washington, DC, January 30, 2017.

Sen. Murphy continued to argue "that increased United States military intervention would make that country more unstable, would get more people killed".

To be fair, (see that Donnie?) Delta Airlines did suffer a worldwide computer outage on Sunday night that grounded all the airline's flights and stranded thousands of domestic passengers for hours.

He echoed a statement released Sunday by the Department of Homeland Security that said less than one percent of worldwide visitors to the U.S. Saturday were detained. He pointed to Senators Ben Sasse of Nebraska and John McCain who publicly spoke out against Trump's order.

"‚ÄéThis executive order is mean-spirited and un-American, and it was implemented in an incompetent way that has caused chaos and confusion across the country".

Trump's executive order, signed late Friday, temporarily halts the US refugee resettlement program for 120 days until the Trump administration can create an effective vetting process. Christopher Murphy, D-Conn., a member of the Foreign Relations Committee, who said he plans to introduce a bill that would overturn Trump's orders by forcing him to comply with the 1965 Immigration and Nationality Act, which banned discrimination against immigrants on the basis of national origin.