Apple Removes iCloud Activation Lock Status Page for Reasons Unknown


This would essentially allow users to find out whether the Apple device that they are about to purchase is locked to another user or not. This is a very handy little safety measure put in place by Apple which everyone should resort to in case your device gets stolen or lost.

In what can only be perceived as an unusual move, it was recently reported that the Apple Inc.

An alternative way to find out if an iOS device is Activation Locked without having the product in your possession is not given.

Cupertino has not yet issued any statement confirming and explaining why the Lock Activation page has been closed.

It's possibly that Apple has been getting far more of these complaints and chose to disable the service once and for all.

A report by Macrumours suggest that Apple has now removed the tool from its iCloud page.

Either way, now that the tool's offline, be sure to do your homework if you're buying a used iOS device. If not, you can opt for a paid unlocking service that typically costs less than $20. This simply isn't possible to verify now for online transactions, if the Activation Lock status tool does not return. Also, questions asked to the AI assistant pertaining to the tournament scores and rankings will also be answered by Siri along with match schedule and player rosters.

It is yet to be seen whether Apple introduces any tool or service as a replacement for its Activation tool lock. It's not worth buying a device blindly, until or unless the seller is a close friend of yours or a family member. In any event, disabling the status checker means the new user won't even know that the device is locked to another user until they try to start using the phone. Please bookmark 1redDrop.comto keep tabs on the hottest, most happening tech and business news from around the world.