Airlines Offer Full Refund in Wake of Travel Ban


Emirates, the largest airline based in the Middle East, said that only "a very small number of our passengers traveling were affected by the new USA immigration entry requirements".

The International Air Travel Agency order comes hours after a three Syrian nationals traveling to the USA were forced to return from Paris to Beirut, an airport source told The Daily Star.

The UAE's major airlines have had to turn some passengers away due to the new executive order in the United States.

On Friday, Trump signed an executive order barring travelers from seven predominantly Muslim countries and refugees for the following 120 days, creating chaos at airports in the United States and around the world.

The airliners have started to implement this ban on passengers wishing to travel to the USA via other global airports in other countries.

A British Airways spokesperson told Telegraph Travel that its staffing "has not been affected by [the ban] as all of our staff must have permission to work in the United Kingdom so will have dual United Kingdom nationality or an European Union passport".

The organisation said as a "matter of principle" it works for the free movement of trade and people across borders.

People bearing the passports of any of the seven countries during check-in will not be allowed to take USA -bound flights in principle, the officials said, adding that the move was an interim measure and there had been no cases so far of passengers being prevented from traveling.

"A number of our passengers have been affected and we are continuing to assist them to identify issues before they fly to the U.S.A.", Etihad said in a statement. British Airways, for example, said Monday that it is offering affected customers a refund for their planned travels to the U.S. Lufthansa is doing the same. "This brings a mix of administrative confusion, impact and uncertainty for many travellers as well as practical operational headaches and complexities for airlines in planning their flight programs".

"We will deal (with the matter) in accordance with the decision of IATA", a JAL official said. To date, no Emirates crew has been affected by the change.

Protests of the travel ban broke out at a number of worldwide airports across the US.