Minnesota governor collapses during state of state address


Gov. Mark Dayton, who released his budget Tuesday, a day after he fainted during his state of the state address, told reporters he was recently diagnosed with prostate cancer.

About 45 minutes into his annual address, the governor began slurring his words slightly before slumping over his podium.

We showed Sanford Neurologist Dr. Mike Mancak the video of Dayton to help us determine when a fall is simply a faint spell or something more like a stroke. Once the 69-year-old was moved to a back room, he appeared to be conscious.

Dayton fainted at an event past year, which his staff attributed to overheating and dehydration. After being attended to by medical personnel, Dayton reportedly walked out of the Capitol under his own power and is "doing great", his son, Eric, said on Twitter.

House Speaker Kurt Daudt, R-Crown, was sitting directly behind Dayton, but said he saw little of what happened.

Dayton was on the floor for several minutes before walking out of the chamber assisted. "He quickly recovered, walked".

State Sen. Dan Schoen (D), also a medic, said Dayton was acting normally and making jokes minutes after he fainted.

The timing of his collapse came roughly 75% of the way through the Democrats speech about where to bring the state in the coming months, addressing battles with Republicans over legislation. He touted a falling unemployment rate and a projected budget surplus of $1.4 billion, a substantial improvement from the massive budget deficit facing the state six years ago.

"I'm going to give Minnesotans the assurance I'm functioning normally, which I certainly believe I am", Dayton said.

Daudt and Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka said they share some "common themes" with Dayton, such as improving education and transportation.

Dayton said transportation is another of his budget priorities.

Minnesota Public Radio reported that Scott Jensen, a doctor from Chaska, responded to help Dayton immediately.