Star Trek Fans Will Love Amazon's Newest Echo Feature

Luke Peters demonstrates Siri an application which uses voice recognition and detection on the iPhone 4S outside the Apple store in Covent Garden Lond

Many "Star Trek" gadgets have often found counterparts in the real world: PADDs have become tablets, the holodeck has become modern VR, and communicators became cellphones.

They constantly listen and record a rolling 60-second audio clip, replacing old content with new audio continuously, according to Amazon.

Whether you're a Trekkie or not, if you don't want to call your Echo device 'Alexa, ' now you have an another choice.

Changing the default wake word is quite easy.

You can change your Echo's wake word in the "Settings" section of the Alexa app.

Though the Echo has come a long way in it's just over two years on the market, it's obviously not as advanced as a 23rd or 24th century counterpart, but it's an important step to getting the computers that Star Trek fans have always wanted. Select "Computer" from the drop-down list, then tap save. Considering that the retail giant has previously faced some criticism regarding the security issues prevalent with these wake words; sometimes causing the speaker to activate even when not needed - its no surprise that Amazon has looked into the matter and rolled out with a new alternative. One the show's more subtle predictions, however, were natural language queries: that you could talk to a computer like you would a person. Officers on the command deck and elsewhere in the Star Trek series and films regularly used a voice command interface with the wake word "Computer".