Mother arrested for taping child to wall on Facebook Live


Watch this shocking footage below.


Rudolph can be seen, in the video, telling her son", You have the best mommy in the world."


A mother in OH who live-streamed taping her toddler to the wall - and later taunted child welfare officials by saying they could come "take him" - has been arrested and charged with felony abduction, police said.

She later tells her son: 'Don't make me put more tape up there.

"You can see the TV from right there", she said. "You'll be all right", she said.

At the point, the woman thought that taping him to the wall wasn't a good enough punishment, and made a decision to place some packing tape on his mouth in order to keep him quiet. Tape them to the wall. You can't cook or none of that because they running around?

At one point in the video, it looked as if she was practically calling on Child Services to take her son away saying "They can go head and take 'em", which is exactly what they did.

Reports say it is unclear when the video was posted.

"This is not something we've seen", Wright told Crimesider. "Have a nice day", she said. Her two-year-old son has been taken by Franklin County Children's Services. They said they do not talk publicly or confirm they have receive referrals. In a report by Fox News, Rudolph claimed that the video was just a joke.

The mother chose not to respond to media questions after she was reported to ABC 6 and Franklin County Children's Services.

. (Expletive) call children's services now, (expletive) I don't give a (expletive). No charges have been filed against the woman.

According to The Guardian, a viewer had alerted local news station WSYX to the video and immediately sent a reporter to the suspect's home.