Assange Agrees To Go to United States if His Rights Are Guaranteed

The Daily Dot

President Barack Obama Tuesday commuted the sentence of Chelsea Manning, the Army soldier who was court-martialed in 2013 for multiple counts of espionage after leaking some 700,000 classified and sensitive diplomatic documents to WikiLeaks.

Earlier this week, the White House insisted that Assange's offer to submit to extradition if Obama granted Manning clemency had no bearing on the USA president's action.

She attempted to commit suicide twice previous year, and the ACLU lawyer representing her said in a statement today that Obama's decision "could quite literally save Chelsea's life".

Ciaron O'Reilly, an Australian who lives in Dublin, has campaigned alongside Ms Manning's family for six years since he heard the former intelligence analyst, then known as Bradley, had been arrested in Baghdad.

"For the president, especially a president who's made so much, recently, about the danger that WikiLeaks has posed to our national security, to commute Private Manning's sentence, I just think is very disappointing", Cotton said.

Manning's lawyers say she twice tried to commit suicide previous year.

Manning was in prison serving a 35 year-sentence. Manning was convicted for providing hundreds of thousands of classified documents to WikiLeaks in 2010 pertaining to the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, the Washington Free Beacon previously reported.

Snowden, who leaked information from the National Security Agency in 2013, fled the United States and is living in an unknown location in Russian Federation.

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange said Thursday he would keep his word and come to the US.

Manning's supporters say she's a whistleblower and have campaigned for her release. "I have no insight into Mr. Assange's travel plans".

"Julian's U.S. lawyers have repeatedly asked the Department of Justice to clarify Julian Assange's status and would like them to do so now by announcing it is closing the investigation and pursuing no charges", she said.

Assange has not left the Ecuadorian Embassy in London since 2012, when he submitted an asylum request to the country.

"I feel very comfortable that justice has been served", Obama said, adding that commuting her sentence should not be seen as leniency for those who commit similar offenses.