"'Was that Godzilla?" Video of massive alligator goes viral

Gigantic alligator nicknamed ‘Hunchback’ plods upon Florida nature reserve as cameras roll

People on social media are going insane over a massive alligator recorded Sunday at a nature reserve in Polk County, Florida.

The video of "Humpback" had been shared more than 20,000 times as of Monday afternoon.

The Godzilla-like creature was seen taking a stroll just feet away from people in Lakeland, Florida, US.

"Very exciting to see", she told WFLA, WOOD TV8's sister station in Tampa, Fla.

Facebook user Kim Joiner shared a video that is nearly terrifying to see: a huge alligator ambles its way along a path as several people nearby watch.

Facebook user Kim Joiner originally posted the video to the discovery center's page, and it's since been shared almost 15,000 times.

"No photoshop", Joiner said on Facebook. "The gators cross often and I saw this one coming so I wasn't scared, just gave him space".

Female alligators rarely grow to be longer than 10 feet, although males can reach greater lengths.

Other players moved closer to film the reptile, which was estimated to be at least 3 metres long.