Alec Baldwin mocks Trump with Russian cap

Saturday Night Live- Season 42

Alec Baldwin pokes fun at President-elect Donald Trump by wearing a cap with "Make America Great Again" written in Russian. And 2017 is shaping up to be no different.

The "Saturday Night Live" comedian's Russian hat was grammatically flawed, but, perhaps more ironically, blew the translation.

Earlier this morning, Trump went on a Twitter spree accusing anyone that doesn't want a good relationship with Russian of being "stupid people."

So far, the trolling photo has 17,261 likes. Yep, the same one that Trump won.

While Trump didn't exactly respond to Baldwin' Instagram photo, it's possible that his latest tweets about befriending Russian Federation might have been prompted by it.

Baldwin's latest trolling of Trump came just after an intensive investigation conducted by the FBI and the Central Intelligence Agency revealed that Vladimir Putin made moves to influence the US Presidential-election in the Republican candidate's favor.

Mr Trump has also cast doubt on allegations by USA intelligence agencies that the Russian government backed hackers to interfere in the United States election.

On one such occasion, Baldwin offered up a compromise on what would get him to stop the impersonation, which would be if the president-elect would reveal his tax returns.

But the soon-to-be POTUS does not find Baldwin's portrayal amusing.