Divers resume search for wreckage of missing plane

The USGS is offering sonar equipment for a missing plane on Lake Erie

They say the remains were found on a seat determined to be from the plane's passenger compartment. In addition, the NTSB-which has an investigator on site-has sent an audio receiver to pick up pings from the cockpit voice recorder.

A Columbus businessman was piloting the plane that vanished shortly after taking off December 29 from Cleveland's lakeshore airport.

Megan Casey, 19, had been attending the Cleveland Cavaliers game with her father and four neighbors from the Columbus area. Winter weather has also hindered the search for the plane and its occupants, but Thursday, with some help from calmer winds, search crews were back out on the coast. Officials said the remains are being analyzed by a Medical Examiner to determine if they are in fact human.

Searchers say they're now looking for the cockpit voice recorder in an area about 125 feet by 325 feet.

The water search resumed Friday in extremely cold weather.

The Columbus-bound plane was carrying six people when it suddenly lost altitude over the lake and vanished from radar.

An underwater detector received multiple transmissions from aircraft equipment, believed to be the small plane that took off from a Cleveland airport, according to the city of Cleveland Joint Information Center.

Crews had previously discovered more than 120 pieces of debris, some of which were consistent with a Cessna 525.