Trump conflicts of interest just beginning

Trump conflicts of interest just beginning

Almost two weeks since Donald Trump unceremoniously postponed a planned announcement at which he was expected to address mounting concerns over his many financial conflicts of interest, there have been few signs that the president-elect and his family are moving closer to resolving the alarming scope of business entanglements that threaten to tarnish the sanctity of his office. In one section of the form, the IRS asked whether the Trump Foundation had transferred "income or assets to a disqualified person". Most of Trump Foundation money did go to nonprofits or charities, but philanthropy may not have been the only motivation.

"I gave millions of dollars to DJT Foundation, raised or received millions more, ALL of which is given to charity, and media won't report!"

However, "because I will be devoting so much time and energy to the Presidency and solving the many problems facing our country and the world, I don't want to allow good work to be associated with a possible conflict of interest".

But although Mr Trump touted the philanthropic efforts of his foundation, he has largely filled the charity's coffers with other people's money, according to a CNN review of the Trump Foundation's tax records in September. "100% of money goes to wonderful charities!" the president-elect said in another.

It is under investigation because there is evidence of self-dealing, using the foundation, a charitable organization to serve Trump's own personal and business purposes.

Still, his company's multi-billion-dollar global footprint will likely continue to raise questions about Trump's motives as he is sworn in and begins to direct U.S. foreign policy. He has also said recently that he will announce steps next month to separate himself from his business, the Trump Organization, to avoid conflicts of interest as president of the United States, even though he has repeatedly suggested such steps are unnecessary. Bondi, at the time, was deciding whether to pursue an investigation into Trump University but never did so. The Times reported that Trump, too, plans to dissolve his family charity, the Donald J. Trump Foundation, which is now under investigation by the NY attorney general and is now unable to fundraise as a result.

Reached for comment on Tuesday, Hope Hicks, spokesperson for Trump, said that the president-elect's team is sticking with a weekend statement reaffirming Trump's intentions to dissolve the charity and that there will be no further comment at this time.

More than half the people outside the government who met with Clinton while she was secretary of state gave money - either personally or through companies or groups - to the Clinton Foundation. Attorney General Eric Schneiderman ordered the foundation to stop raising money in NY in October, saying it wasn't registered by law to be able to do so in the state. Trump has said that his sons, Eric and Donald Jr., will take over his business, but a detailed plan has not been provided.

A controversial event planned for inauguration week, which at one point appeared to feature an opportunity for paid access to President-elect Donald Trump, has been postponed until the spring.