Donald Trump on Bill Clinton: 'He doesn't know much'

Donald Trump on Bill Clinton: 'He doesn't know much'

Trump, however, won where it mattered, earning 306 electoral votes to Clinton's 232.

Although the presidential election happened on November 8, its the Electoral College that officially chooses the next president of the United States based on the popular vote from each state or, in a couple of instances, votes from congressional districts. Bernie Sanders. David Bright said on his Facebook page that he cast his vote for Sanders, instead of Hillary Clinton because his vote would not have helped her win.

Such practice has been very rare in modern times, with only 157 faithless electors since the establishment of the Electoral College institute, while the record was set in 1836 when 23 electors supported a different candidate from those chosen by their state.

Below is a state-by-state list of when each state's Electoral College meeting takes place - much of this information has been gathered from the National Association of Secretaries of State. Many of the Republicans casting ballots said they were inundated with calls and emails urging them to switch their votes.

A day after all election results in all states were finally certified - and the final vote shows that Donald Trump lost the popular vote to Hillary Clinton by almost 3 million votes - the president-elect is again on the defensive.

Trump defended his win in a tweetstorm Wednesday morning after The New York Times published an editorial about ending the Electoral College system. In the Lone Star State, electors vote by secret ballot.

"It would be improper to suggest that electors ought not to vote their conscience, otherwise there's no goal in having an Electoral College", says North Central College Professor Stephen Caliendo. But four Washington electors made history Monday when they broke ranks and voted for alternative candidates for president and vice president.

"I would actually be surprised at this point if they did", he said.

While the Electoral College is normally a mundane process, it hasn't been so in this highly charged election year. Under some state laws, those electors could be fined, disqualified or replaced.

On election day, voters technically elect members of the electoral college to decide on their behalf, rather than voting for the candidates themselves. "We haven't won this state for the Republicans in 32 years and I'm really excited to come back to Madison and vote for Mr. Trump".

The state's Democratic electors on Monday signed a certificate that will be delivered to Congress for the final certification of election results in January.